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Aryn Robidoux is a Canadian landscape painter, currently residing in Kelowna, BC. Raised in the small, rural community of Binscarth, MB, Aryn grew up with a natural love for the outdoors, spending majority of her time camping, fishing, hiking and exploring.  

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Aryn moved to the Okanagan where she currently paints, works at Hambleton Art Galleries and leads workshops at the Kelowna Art Gallery.

"Connecting with the natural world is an integral part of who I am as an artist. It's no secret that nature is aesthetically beautiful, but nature also has an amazing way of simplifying chaos and putting life into perspective. It's as if the land has a pulse, the forest breathes with you, the wind whispers to you- and altogether a captivating energy is created. 


As an artist, this energy of a space is what I aim to capture. Not strictly from what I see or what I know- but what I feel- in hopes that others can connect with my pieces in the same way." - a.r

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